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Okay. First thing you want to know about me; I'm insane. I don't follow the rules and I hate being tied down. That being said, I love a good book on a Monday afternoon with a cup of Earl Gray. I hate school, but love learning. I like texture, but have an extreme phobia of sandpaper. I like long walks on the beach with loved ones, but I hate "perfect" romance. I have rats, but I hate (pet) dogs. I care more about the journey than getting to the destination. My friends mean the world to me, but I have an easier time confessing secrets to strangers. I love rain, but I hate being in it. I have social anxiety, but can't stand being alone. I'm an extroverted introvert. My body is perfectly healthy, but my mind isn't. I like writing bios, but hate finishing them.

Where you can find me;

Old dA accounts; Crynnie JackalJunkie
Gaia; Crynn
Xbox Live; MooseJoose (I'm in the middle of moving though, I won't be on much, if at all)
PS3 account; MissPyroCrynn
Youtube channel;…

Questions or concerns; leave 'em in the comments.

Have a nice day, lovely. <3

First and formost, as of today, I have a 14g septum piercing. Did it myself, actually. With a 12g needle. Ouch.
The process went like this;
Soak in hydrogen peroxide, stab through first layer of skin, eyes tear up and can't concentrate, pull out... rinse in hydrogen peroxide and repeat.
I actually got through both layers twice, though. And after some fiddling and diddling, I got the jewelry through too.
But, uh, enough on that.
I also redyed my mohawk a nice hot pink. :> More of a touch up than anything. Felt like I wanted more color, haha.

In other news, there have been 20 reported bomb threats at my high school last week. Jesus, calm your tits everyone! It's not the end of the world! ... Yet.
I think on Friday I'm just not even going to bother going. People are going to be freaking out all over the place, and honestly, I've got enough on my plate. Unnecessary bullshit is unnecessary.

Aaaaaannnddd, after living in my new neighborhood for 2 months, my psychiatrist people don't think depression/Bipolar meds are necessary anymore. Which is ALWAYS good news. So, basically, that means I don't have any more blood tests, UAs, pills, or random assessments to fill out. But I'm still legally bipolar, so I still have to go through counselling... blehk. I love my therapist to bits, but I don't feel like I need it right now.
But, y'know, that could just be my hypomania talking. lol.

Hrm...what else...
Oh, it's noon, and I keep getting distracted. I was tuning my violin before I started typing this, but then I was all, "hhmmm, internet time? internet time." and here I am.
And, as you would expect, I got completely and utterly sidetracked.
I think I should wrap this up soon...

One last thing...Found this really neat app for facebook the other day, totally creepy.
Here's a link;

I love it haha <3

Okay...I'll go now.
Over and out!

  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: La Llorona - Beirut
  • Reading: notes and things.
  • Watching: Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Good Job!
  • Playing: Pokemon ON MY PHONE!
  • Eating: pasta of some sort or other
  • Drinking: [diet] Lipton lemon iced tea.

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